why are dachshunds so clingy

Why Are Dachshunds So Clingy?

Dachshunds are clever, energetic, and enormously sweet. They also have a well-deserved reputation for clinginess. If you’ve asked yourself “Why are dachshunds so clingy?”, you’ve come to the right place! Anxiety is very much part of any list of dachshund personality traits. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get one. It just helps to remember that …

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do dachshunds have bad teeth

Do Dachshunds Have Bad Teeth?

Most dog owners are aware that dental hygiene can be an issue for their four-legged friends. After all, dachshunds cannot clean their teeth for themselves, so how likely are they to encounter dental issues, and what can you do about this? Unfortunately, many dachshunds do have bad teeth, yes. This is because they have a …

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