Do Dachshunds Get Along With Other Dogs?

Dachshunds are quite sweet and loving to their families, but this breed is also quite the jealous one! So, do Dachshunds get along with other dogs? They can get along quite well with other dogs, but due to their jealous nature and their diminutive size, you’ll want to make sure that you pick the right companion and introduce them slowly and carefully.

Today we’ll talk about finding the right friend for your Doxie, as well as how to recognize jealousy, the perks of picking another Doxie as a companion, and finally, we’ll give you some tips for successful introductions.

Let’s talk about Dachshunds and how they get along with other dogs!

Dachshunds do best with other small dogs

When choosing a companion for your Dachshund, you want to find them a playmate of comparable size. Breeds that are often considered a good match for Dachshunds include Terriers, mini-Dobermans, and Boxers, but they can get along with other breeds… just be sure to go with a small dog.

While Dachshunds might get along just fine with a larger breed, there is always a risk that during playtime the larger dog might unintentionally hurt your Dachshund. Ultimately, you know your dog’s temperament, and if a dog that your dog often plays with needs a new home then simply use your best judgment.

One final consideration in regards to companions, keep the age gap firmly in mind so that both dogs are at least close in energy levels. Introducing a hyper, untrained puppy into a home with an older Dachshund will lead to a lot of frustration and to another important Dachshund consideration…


do dachshunds get along with other dogs

Dachshunds Are Very, Very Jealous Of Their Owner’s Attention

While some breeds are quite happy to share their toys and the attentions of their owners, Dachshunds are not one of these. While there are certainly some exceptions, for the most part, this breed tends to be very possessive.

This means that your Dachshund may well act out if you pay any attention to another dog which makes them feel ignored. Further, they might become very aggressive about their toys and their food in the other dog’s presence. The only thing that you can do is to be patient and to spend time reassuring your Dachshund while also being very firm when it comes to aggressive behavior.

Here are a few signs that may indicate that you’ve got a jealous Doxie on your hands:

  • Potty ‘accidents’ in the home
  • Growling
  • Fighting over toys
  • Increased fawning over their owners (often pushing the other dog away)
  • A sudden interest in chasing off strangers

If your dog is showing these behaviors, then socialization training is a very good idea and will help them greatly to adjust to their new living arrangements. Just be patient with the process and your Dachshund will slowly learn to trust and love their new companion, once they realize that they aren’t being ‘replaced’.

Should I Just Get 2 Dachshunds?

Getting another Dachshund might well simplify things, as these dogs are very particular in their habits and will certainly get along more easily with another Doxie. Keep in mind, however, that once these two become fast friends, they are going to team up and reinforce each other when it comes to everyday antics.

This means that if your Doxie normally barks a lot when someone is at the door, you’ll be getting twice the volume as ‘Team Doxie’ both arrive at top speed to vocalize about the perceived intrusion. If something in the house makes one Dachshund curious, then you can bet that they will experiment together.

It’s an ideal match, really, but you will want to be sure to ramp up training sessions just to make sure that you don’t lose your dominance. 

While alone Doxie is 100% loyal to their owner, when you’ve got a team in the house they’ll push for a ‘doggie-democracy’ so expect to nip those behaviors quickly in the bud or you’ll be in for a lot of mischiefs!

When Is The Best Time To Introduce My Dachshund To Another Dog?

There are a number of factors that may determine how long it takes for your Dachshund to adjust to another dog. If at all possible, try to ensure that you keep a few recommended pre-requisites in mind for best results with introductions. The best time depends on these factors:

  • When your dog has had a lot of socialization training to make them less distrustful of new people and other dogs.
  • When you’ve had them for at least a year.
  • When your Dachshund is already well-trained.
  • When you are going to have the time needed to train 2 dogs.

If your dog is suffering from separation anxiety, we should note that this is NOT a good time to introduce a dog. Crate training and socialization training at this time is a good idea, as a Doxie’s tendency to become jealous can make their separation anxiety much, much worse with the introduction of another dog.

Deal with the separation anxiety first and then it will be okay to start introducing a new playmate.

Quick Tips For Proper Introduction To A New Dog

Once you are ready to introduce your Dachshund to a new companion then there are a few things that you can do to help to ease the transition. First off, it’s a good idea to introduce the two dogs for the first time outside.

Meeting Outside

Dachshunds are quite territorial and letting them meet their new friend this way is less threatening for them. Just be sure that each dog is kept on its own leads and you should probably prepare a separate space in advance for the new dog so that there aren’t any tussles when you bring the new dog into the house.

The separate space should be something that you can close off, such as a crate or an area separated with baby-gates.

Introduction To The Home

After your dogs have met outside or even taken a walk together, then it’s time to introduce the new dog to the house. The best thing to do for this is to have another family member take your Doxie out for a walk while you show the new dog around the house.

Walk the new dog inside, with the lead still attached, and let them sniff around inside of the house and show them their own personal space, as well as your Dachshund’s space as well. The difference in scents will help to give the new dog an advanced warning on ‘territory’ and this can help to minimize disagreements later.

Keep Them Separated For A Few Days And Then See What Happens

Keep the new dog in their walled-off space for a few days, so that your Doxie gets used to having them in the house and after 2 -3 days then you should let the new dog out. Keep a close eye at this time to see if there is any aggressive behavior and if there is, try repeating the process again.

 It may take a little while, but your Doxie will get used to the other dog, it’s just a slow process with this breed.

In Closing: Slow And Steady Wins The Race!

Today we’ve talked about how Dachshunds get along with other dogs and what you can do to facilitate the addition of a new friend for your Doxie. First, choose a compatible breed or even another Dachshund, and then watch for and deal with any signs of jealousy in your dog.

 Start the introduction outside and keep a separate space in the house for the new dog, so that your new doggie-duo may get used to each other slowly and carefully. With a little time and a lot of patience, your Dachshund and the new dog should soon become fast friends!

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