How Do Dachshunds Show Love?

Dachshunds are very loyal dogs who show affection to their ‘chosen person’ in many ways, including cuddles and licks. While the breed is known to be highly independent – even willful – overall, Doxies are also known for developing a strong bond with the person (or a small number of people) who tend to their needs and regularly shower them with affection.

how do dachshunds show love

You Get What You Give

Do you want to be your Weiner dog’s chosen one? Here are some ways to earn trust and promote a comfortable bond between you.

Show Leadership

Dachshunds were originally bred to assist hunters with the chase and retrieval of burrow-dwelling prey. Loyalty to the ‘alpha member’ of a family can still be discerned in the breed’s behavior, even if they aren’t the dog’s primary caretaker.

Provide Essentials

A natural love and loyalty tends to develop between any set of living things when at least one of the creatures prioritizes the comfort and survival of the other.  When you consistently meet basic needs, your Dachshund’s sense of trust grows as its understanding that you are the source of good things is cemented.

Spend Quality Time Together

Dachshunds love to burrow and snuggle into (or on top of) their owners. The time spent snuggled up with your Doxie is an investment of their love returned to you.

Must Love Long Walks… On The Beach Or Anywhere 

As much as chilling on the couch together helps build your dog’s sense of love and loyalty, time spent together in activity builds your mutual camaraderie. Dachshunds tend towards obesity, so not only will taking frequent walks together help you to build a bond, it will be caring for your pet in a way that may add years to their lifespan and a healthy quality of life to those extended years.

Know Who You Love

Dachshunds are long and low to the ground. To speak a love language your Doxie can literally feel, remember their low-riding bellies when planning outdoor activities in inclement weather conditions and their elongated spines anytime you lift them up. Offer coverings for conditions that may leave your pup’s belly wet or muddy and offer support for their vulnerable spinal systems by supporting their back legs as well as their front paws when lifting. 

Consistency Is Key

All good relationships take time to build. Scheduling your Dachshund’s caretaking around a predictable routine will provide a good foundation to build your friendship. Be consistent in pursuing your pet’s affections and be patient.

How Can You Tell It’s Love?

So, when will you know the bond is building? How can you tell? ‘Listen’ for the messages your dog is sending you in their language. Watch for the signs.

It’s In Their Kiss

Dachshunds love to lick the faces of their chosen person. Let your friend lick you. And if you dare, give your pooch a quick smooch on the head in return.

Waggle It, Just A Little Bit 

See that waggly tail? That’s a happiness indicator. You may notice your Dachshund waggles all the way from tail tip to nose tip, but even a slight swish of the tail means your Weiner dog is a happy camper. Nice work, sport!

All Up In My Space

After a long day, when you just want to curl up on your favorite spot on the sofa and stream your favorite show, double-check that your Doxie isn’t already keeping your spot warm. Dachshunds love to burrow into blankets and sofa cushions, especially where they know ‘their person’ is likely to be. As a result, it is not uncommon to sit on your loyal canine companion unintentionally. If you find your pet in your favorite spot, realize it is a sign of their affection for you and gently scoop them into your lap for a snuggle together.

I’ll Come Running, Just To See You Again

As your Dachshund’s bond with you grows and strengthens, they may begin to anticipate your next encounter well before it occurs. You may notice they greet you at the door or come running at the sound of your car in the driveway or key in the lock. Be ready to greet them with matched enthusiasm and occasionally, a treat.

Say Anything

Excessive barking can be confused with anger, aggression, or warning that there is danger or the dog is ill. But with Dachshunds, there is more yap by default. And when you are a Doxie’s friend or their  ‘chosen one’, they are naturally going to want to share more with you. Over time, you may realize that you can differentiate between the types of barks your dog directs at you as well as the intention behind them.

Let’s Share Everything

A Dachshund who loves you will share their toys. They may even bring you toys they’ve destroyed in hopes that you, the source of good things in their life, will fix the toy or make it new again.

In this age of distraction, it is easy to miss the cues behind such a gesture. To a distracted human, a dog carrying around its toy may not seem to have any intention, but if they allow you to take the toy from them or if they engage in a bit of tug-of-war, they are communicating affection for you.

Take a moment to engage with your pet and the toy to build a stronger bond of love between you. Not every toy that is brought to a human is an invitation to play ‘Fetch!’ Before you hurl that dog toy across the lawn, take a moment to determine if your pet is intending to share. If this is the case, throwing the toy may have conveyed a more negative message than intended.

A quick caution on tug-of-war. A little, playful interaction can be good for teething dogs, but too much can lead to aggression, and too forceful can be bad for the teeth. Use caution and a gentle touch when playing in this way.

You Weiner My Love

Dachshund dogs are smart. Bred to be able to think for themselves in fast-paced hunting scenarios, they are clever and known for problem-solving. Sometimes, this gives them the reputation for being stubborn or difficult to train. But, it is more accurate to say that Dachshunds are in a class of their own, awarding love and loyalty to those who are worthy matches in cunning and wit.

Dachshunds who are well loved will love well in return. Do you have what it takes?

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