Why Are Dachshunds So Stubborn?

Experts put dachshund’s stereotypical stubbornness down to their superior intelligence. As they were bred for hunting, dachshunds are also very persistent animals. They were bred in this way so that they would successfully track and retrieve their prey, even down deep burrows and holes. 

If you are familiar with the dachshund breed, or lucky enough to own one you’ll know that they are often stubborn little creatures. Stubbornness is cute in most circumstances, but it does make them incredibly difficult to train. Learning new tricks and potty training is therefore not exactly their strong suit. 

Dachshunds Were Bred For The Hunt

Original breeders preferred the naturally stubborn nature of the dachshund because it meant that they would not give up when they had their senses set on prey. It also meant that they had the will to get themselves into tight crevices to catch whatever it was they were chasing. 

Dachshunds were bred to hunt small prey such as rabbits, badgers, and foxes, therefore being persistent and strong-willed were desirable traits for hunters. Breeders, therefore, ensured that these characteristics remained in the dog’s DNA, and they’re still just as much a hard-working breed today. 

Although we may see these small burrowing animals as quite cute, farmers and hunters considered them to be vermin. If backed into a corner, they could actually be incredibly ferocious. Given the dachshund’s size, a badger, for example, could inflict serious injury on the small dog breed. 

For this reason, they not only had to be really good at tracking and hunting down these creatures but also incredibly brave. Desired trophies such as badgers and foxes could easily be double the size of a dachshund. No wonder they’re so headstrong! 

why are dachshunds so stubborn

You Can Still Train A Stubborn Dachshund

Because dachshunds are stubborn, it does make them somewhat difficult to train. They are head-strong and very picky. For example, if it’s too cold outside, they literally will not go to the bathroom in the garden, but rather wait until they’re inside on your lovely carpet (you’ve been warned).

The trick is to train them with as few distractions present as possible, and to never give up! If you keep issuing commands and tasks with consistent rewards, the more susceptible your dachshund will become to following what you need them to do. 

You then have to gradually introduce distractions so that the dog understands that these commands still apply, even if there may be something more interesting going on. Your dachshund won’t know that it’s impolite to jump on new exciting people if they’ve only been told to sit in a nice quiet environment and received treats afterward. 

Why It’s Important To Train A Dachshund

So we already know that dachshunds are very stubborn, although also super adorable. But because of this, it is very important that you assert yourself in the authoritative role. If a dachshund becomes irritated or made to do something they don’t want to, they can nip and snap at you or anyone else within the household.

As the owner or trainer, you also need to remember that dogs don’t think the same way humans do. What is impolite for us is normal behavior for dachshunds or any dog breed for that matter. For a dachshund, their high energy can become annoying and if they’re excited, it can be hard to make them cut it out. 

Don’t be too hard on them but, at the same time, remember that maintaining discipline is important. Consistency is key. If they are allowed up on the couch sometimes but not at other times, they’ll become confused and this may annoy you.

Dachshunds were fundamentally bred to be working dogs, so it’s possible that their busy-body personalities are because they were bred that way. You need to make sure your little sausage dog gets enough exercise during the day. If they don’t, they can also become irritated, especially if they get bored. 

It’s especially important to make sure your dachshund is trained if you have young children. Again, due to their breeding, they are naturally aggressive animals. Aggression, coupled with stubbornness and a tendency to get bored, could lead to a dachshund snapping at a child if the dog is provoked or irritated in any way. 

Once they are trained they really are the most wonderful family pets and they will protect you and your family to the ends of the earth. Show them structure, and a lot of love, and you’ll get obedience and plenty of affection back.

A Stubborn Daschund Is Also Very Loyal

Dachshunds were also bred to be obedient and to retrieve prey to bring back their owners. They’re well known for their keen sense of smell and it’s a natural instinct for them to follow scents so that they can track down whatever catches their attention. 

You may think your dachshund is just being when they’re not listening to you or walking beside you, and instead, having a sniff around. When a dachshund does follow scent trails, it actually means they are on the hunt for something to bring back to you because they think it is what you want. 

This breed is very eager to please, so you need to show them what behavior you want them to display and be very clear in showing them behavior that’s simply unacceptable. If you get this right, you will have one of the best relationships with your better canine half you could ask for, and a life-long friend. They will show you nothing but adoration.

Dachshunds Are Stubborn For A Reason

In a nutshell, dachshunds are stubborn because they were bred that way. They needed to be able to pursue prey without backing down. Their need to hunt and also to please can sometimes supersede their ability to follow commands. 

Remember that sausage dogs are there for you and their stubbornness needs to be handled at their own pace and will take time. But, with a little bit of patience and a lot of training, you and your family will soon have the perfect relationship with the dog you always wanted.

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