Why Do Dachshunds Like To Go Under Blankets?

Dachshunds were bred to enjoy small, dark spaces thanks to their use in badger hunting. This has evolved into a desire to snuggle and be warm at all times and they can usually be found curled up under a blanket.

Why Do Dachshunds Like To Go Under Blankets?

There are many reasons why Dachshunds will hide under blankets but when it comes down to it it is in their blood! This breed of dog was actually bred to be able to flush badgers out of their hiding places. So, it is in their nature to want to burrow down into small spaces.

So, small and dark spaces are naturally very appealing and comfortable to any Dachshund. Therefore, do not be surprised when they start tunneling down into your blankets, duvets, etc! It is their instinct to do so.

Another reason why a Dachshund may like to go under blankets is exactly the same as you and I – it is cozy and comfy! There is nothing better than cuddling up under a nice warm blanket on a cold evening or a chilly winter day. It is exactly the same for your dog.

Blankets are incredibly comforting things and this can help your dog to relax and unwind if they are stressed or scared. So, if you are looking for your dog and cannot seem to find them anywhere, try looking under a few blankets and you will be sure to find them in no time!

why do dachshunds go under blankets

Is It OK For My Dog To Sleep Under The Covers?

Although your Dachshund will almost certainly head under a blanket or cover at any given opportunity this does not always mean that it is a good idea. There are several risks to your dog if they are under blankets too often or are left unattended.

The first problem is that they can get the blanket stuck around their face. This can very easily cause difficulty breathing, causing your dog to panic and only making the situation worse.

However, for the most part, this is not a major concern. Dachshunds are clever little creatures and will know to stick their head out of the blanket if they are not getting enough air. If you are still worried about this problem then consider leaving a few lighter-weight blankets around the house. This will be easier for them to get out of if they get stuck.

Another problem may be that they simply get too hot. Dogs can quickly become ill or develop problems if they overheat. But again, there is almost nothing to fear here as your clever little pet will know to kick the blanket off and wiggle out if they get too hot. 

Although they may very quickly cool down and demand to snuggle back down in the blanket!

The biggest concern about letting your Dachshund bury into blankets is not actually to do with your dog themselves  – but with you! Either you, a family member, or a friend could accidentally and unknowingly sit down on your furry friend and injure them.

So, if you have people over then make sure to ask them to check under the blankets for a little dog before they sit down!

Where Do Dachshunds Like To Sleep?

Dachshunds absolutely love to sleep and will certainly take the opportunity whenever they can. So, you may find them falling asleep all over your house. 

However, just like us, they prefer somewhere cozy, warm, and padded to fall asleep. This makes beds, sofas, and large cushions a great option for a little Dachshund. 

If you have any rules in your home about where your dog can and cannot go or sleep then it is important that you implement these as soon as possible. It is not fair to initially let your Dachshund get used to sleeping comfortably on the couch only to decide one year on that this is no longer allowed.

If you do this then you may have a little fight on your hands and one very unhappy dog. Instead, set the boundaries early on and your little dog will know where they are allowed to sleep.

If you set out pillows on the floor, blankets, or other comfy and snuggle items then your Dachshund will certainly gravitate towards these, allowing you to save your couch!

Why Do Dachshunds Like To Be Warm?

Dachshunds are famously not big fans of the cold. They will happily snuggle up in the warm all day long with absolutely no inclination to venture out into the cold. This marks them in stark contrast to huskies and other larger dogs who would happily spend all day playing in the snow.

Because Dachshunds are on the smaller side this means that they find it harder to retain heat. This is also because their fur is not suitable for keeping them warm in the cold. Their fur is short and thin, meaning that it does not offer much in the way of protection from the cold. 

Even long-haired Dachshunds do not fair much better. Although their fur is certainly longer it is still very thin and this is the main source of protection from the cold. 

Another reason why they like to keep warm is that the breed as a whole is more prone to certain diseases which affect their heat sensitivity such as diabetes. 

If you have a rare Dachshund that does not mind playing out in the cold or snow then make sure to not let them spend too long outdoor and to dry them off when they come in. This will stop them from developing any problems such as hypothermia. 


Dachshunds make amazing pets and will happily spend all day asleep in the warm. This comes both from their nature and also from a basic desire to be comfy and cozy.

There is nothing to worry about with your Dachshund spending all day under a blanket, but make sure that everyone in your home is aware to check for them before sitting down.

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