Why Do Dachshunds Sleep on Their Backs?

Your dachshund may often demonstrate the common behavior of sleeping on his or her back. Although this behavior is cute to see, you may be wondering why your pet does this and if it has any impacts on his or her health.

Dachshunds sleep on their backs to cool down and often to demonstrate that they are fully relaxed. Dachshunds are notable for their distinctively long backs, and laying on their backs allows them to rest their spine.

Most of the time, your dachshund laying on his or her back is not a cause for concern. Keep reading to learn more about why your dog demonstrates this unique behavior, as well as some other facts regarding caring for your dachshunds back.

why do dachshunds sleep on their backs

Why Dachshunds Sleep On Their Backs

If you are a first-time Dachshund owner, you may soon see the cute but intriguing spectacle of your beloved dog sleeping on his or her back. Dogs most commonly sleep on their stomachs or sides, and at first, this sleeping position may surprise you. There are many reasons why they do this.

They Are Regulating Their Temperature

The most common reason why dachshunds sleep on their back is that they are cooling down. Their belly is the part of their body that is least covered by fur. When they expose their belly to the air and keep their paws elevated, they are allowing themselves a much-needed cool nap.

Additionally, Dachshunds may also do this to warm up. If you see that your dog is laying on its back often in patches of sunshine, they are probably exposing their underside to the warm sun to increase their body temperature. 

They Are Relaxed

Dachshunds are a high-energy dog breed and can often become tense or nervous in strange environments. If your dachshund lays on his or her back while napping, this is a great sign that your dog is comfortable being around you.

The underbelly is one of the most vulnerable parts of a dog’s body, and by laying on its back, your Dachshund is showing you that he or she trusts you. 

They Are Stretching

Due to its length, a Dachshund’s back has to bear a lot of its weight. Because of this, your dachshund’s back may easily become tired or sore. When your dachshund lays on his or her back, they are allowing their spine to relax.

They Want Attention

If your dachshund is laying on his back right next to you, this might be an indication that he or she wants its belly rubbed. Your dog loves receiving affection from you, and laying on its back right next to you might be his or her way of trying to get you to pay attention to them.  

Should I Stop My Dachshund From Sleeping On Its Back?

You generally do not need to stop your Dachshund from laying on its back. You should only be concerned if your dog demonstrates behaviors that indicate he or she is uncomfortable. This can include:

  • Shaking
  • Whining
  • Sores or other disturbances to the skin on his or her belly

Most of the time, your dachshund would not lay on its back if he or she were experiencing spinal pain. However, if you do notice any unusual behavior in your dog or signs of discomfort, you should take him or her to be examined by a veterinarian.

Examining Your Dachshund

The moments when your Dachshund lays on his or her back can be a great time to examine their underside for any injuries or scrapes. Because dachshunds are so active and low to the ground, you may rarely get a chance to do a health check on this part of them.

Inspect your dog’s belly for rashes and the pads of his or her paws. Check to make sure that its claws are not overgrown. 

You may also use this time to verify that your dog has not gained a concerning amount of weight in his or her stomach area. 

Where Should My Dachshund Sleep?

As your Dachshund sleeps, you may be wondering how he or she can be most comfortable. Dachshunds are not picky dogs, and they can be happy sleeping in a variety of locations. This can include the following:

  • Dog beds
  • Sofas and furniture
  • Carpets and flooring

You may worry about the well-being of your dachshund’s spine if he or she sleeps on its back on a hard floor. However, your dog would most likely not demonstrate this behavior if this caused them pain. 

Because a dachshund is a dog meant for hunting prey in burrows, he or she may be very comfortable in a burrow bed or cave bed. These are dog beds with a covering over the top that can make your Dachshund feel like he is sleeping in a safe, hidden space.

Regardless of where you allow your dachshund to get some sleep, you will know that they are comfortable when they stretch out on their backs. Consider experimenting with different kinds of bedding to see which one is most comfortable for your dachshund.

Is It Bad If My Dachshund Doesn’t Sleep On Its Back?

If your dachshund only ever sleeps on its stomach or side, this is probably not a cause for concern. Dogs are particular creatures that know what they like and dislike, and your dog may just prefer not to sleep this way.

However, you should be attentive to your dog’s back. If your dachshund slouches or shows signs of back pain, you will need to take him or her to the vet for a more in-depth examination.


Your dachshund brings a lot of joy to your life, and one way that he or she may do this is through comical behaviors like lying on their back. Fortunately, this behavior is easily explained and not a cause for concern.

Always pay attention to your dog’s behaviors and watch for changes or signs of pain. Attentive dog-owners will keep their dachshunds happy and healthy regardless of how they sleep.

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