do dachshunds have bad teeth

Do Dachshunds Have Bad Teeth?

Most dog owners are aware that dental hygiene can be an issue for their four-legged friends. After all, dachshunds cannot clean their teeth for themselves, so how likely are they to encounter dental issues, and what can you do about this? Unfortunately, many dachshunds do have bad teeth, yes. This is because they have a …

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do dachshunds have hair or fur

Do Dachshunds Have Hair or Fur?

Many people with dachshunds wonder whether they have hair or fur. However, did you know that dachshunds can have different types of coats? The additional coats confuse people since we often use “hair” and “fur” interchangeably. Most don’t need much grooming, although some of these dogs can have a double coat, which requires more upkeep. …

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