Are Dachshunds Good Dogs? – 6 Reasons Dachshunds Are The Best

Dachshunds are small, lovable dogs who are very loyal. They are loving and will snuggle up with you at any chance they get. These cute dogs make the perfect addition to any home.

Everyone knows that dogs make great pets both for a family with children and for individual owners. However, the best dog for you to get will depend entirely on your needs and your environment. For example, if you live in a small apartment, then it will be best to opt for a small and less lively dog rather than a large, energetic dog.

Dachshunds are becoming increasingly popular as family pets and make a fantastic addition to most homes, but obviously, they are restricted in some ways by their small stature and so it may be best for you to choose another breed of dog in spite of how cute they are.

Here we will go through the top six reasons why you should get a Dachshund and why they make great pets to help you better understand whether or not a Dachshund is the right breed of dog for you.

are dachshunds good dogs

Small In Size

One of the very first things that spring to mind when you think of Dachshunds is their size. These lovable dogs are small in stature and so make a great addition to a home for those who either do not have a lot of space, for example, people living in an apartment, or people who are not able to be active enough to look after a larger dog.

Many larger dogs will require a lot of exercise in order to tire them out. However, because they are so small, Dachshunds will not need to be walked nearly as much as larger breeds. 

So, if you do not have the time to take your dog for long walks every day, you are not very mobile, are elderly, or have trouble going for long walks, then a Dachshund may be the perfect dog for you.

They Love To Snuggle

Another great reason to get a Dachshund is that they have a lot of love to give. They may be small, but what they lack in size, they make up for in love. 

These cuties will happily snuggle up with you anywhere at any chance they get. It does not matter if you are in bed, on the sofa, or even curled up on the floor by the fire. They will always come in for a cuddle.

Dachshunds naturally like to curl up in small spaces due to their nature, as they were bred to sniff out creatures from burrows. This means that they are more than happy to hide under blankets and in small spaces. This makes them the perfect cuddle companion!

snuggly dachshund
Polly is very snuggly

They Are Silly

As well as being lovable, Dachshunds are very silly. Their behavior will certainly always keep you entertained and on your toes. They love to play and run around, and so you will never have a dull moment with a Dachshund in the house. 

Their funny and quirky movements will amuse you and your loved ones, and they are certain to make you laugh. The great thing about a Dachshund is that you never know when they are going to have a silly moment – they are certainly going to take you by surprise. They can sense when you need cheering up and are always on hand to help.

They Make Good Guard Dogs

Although they may be small, they still make good guard dogs. They may be small, but boy are they mighty! These little dogs are well behaved around people they know but can be aggressive towards strangers and are very wary of people that they do not know.

Their loud and echoing bark will be sure to ward off any intruders or dangerous people from your home. So, if you do not have enough space to home a larger, more typical breed of guard dog, then a Dachshund can make a great alternative. 

They Have A Good Temperament

Despite being wary of strangers, they are very well-behaved around people that they know. This means that they make amazing family pets. They are very friendly towards children and family friends. However, they may need a little bit of encouragement to warm up to people that they have never met before.

Once they are aware that you trust a person, then they will trust them too. Once you have befriended a Dachshund, they are incredibly loyal. They will love and protect you as much as they can. There is no worry about them being aggressive or acting out towards someone that they know.

Long Life Expectancy

The final reason why you should get a Dachshund is that they have a very long life expectancy compared to many other dog breeds. In fact, when given the very best of care, Dachshunds can live up to the grand old age of 17! 

This means that if you choose to get a Dachshund as a family pet, your children can love them throughout their entire childhood, building memories that will last a lifetime.

Of course, Dachshunds are prone to medical problems, just like any other breed of dog, so they will need love and care. But they will repay you in love for their entire life.

To Sum Up

Dachshunds are fantastic dogs to have as pets. They have so many good qualities that they make a great addition to almost any home. They are small enough that they are well-suited to apartment living, and because they are small in size, they are not overly energetic. This makes them a good choice for people who are not able to spend a lot of time or energy on exercise.

They have a good temperament and so are well-behaved around children but will protect their loved ones from the first signs of danger, as well as from strangers. They are loyal and will bring you great memories.

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