Are Dachshunds Good for First Time Owners?

Experts and Daschund enthusiasts do not recommend them if you’re looking to own a dog for the first time. They require a lot of time and attention, given their loyal nature and need to be trained. Often, first-time owners don’t have the time to rearing and keeping a dachshund. 

In addition to needing a lot of time, the breed is not easy to potty train. So if you’re a first-time dog owner and value your furniture and your carpets, experts recommend you should not get a dachshund if you do not have real-time to put into training, especially potty training. 

are dachshunds good for first time owners

Why Are Dachshunds Not Good For First-Time Dog Owners? 

The main reason that Dachshunds are not good for first-time dog owners is that they require slightly more attention than other dog breeds. This isn’t necessarily because they are needy, but because of their nature and build, they tend to be more high maintenance. They can’t help it! 

Experts, therefore, do not recommend dachshunds for first-time dog owners. Typically, people looking to get their first dog are young professionals or also looking to start a family. Some young couples think that getting a dog is a good idea as a “practice run” before having kids.

If you’re thinking of getting a dachshund as your first dog, you need to have time to dedicate to the dog and money in the bank for unexpected expenses associated with dachshunds. Here are a few reasons why. 

It’s Easy For Them To Hurt Themselves

Dachshunds are exceptionally prone to back problems. On top of this, they love to jump, so they really do not do themselves any favors. Activities that seem normal for other dog breeds to do, can lead to severe spinal injuries for a dachshund. 

As the owner of a dachshund, it will become your responsibility to ensure that the dog remains healthy. You’ll have to have a vet to fix any back problems your dachshund might have and preventing further damage to the dog’s back requires a lot of effort and training. 

Even activities like climbing upstairs and jumping off furniture could cause the dachshund to hurt themselves. If you are a first-time dog owner, you have to be prepared to train your dachshund not to jump. This is even more difficult given that it’s embedded in their energetic nature. 

They Need Extensive Potty Training

Dachshund-lovers all say the same thing. They are famously challenging to potty train. If you don’t have an outdoor area where your dog can go to the toilet, a dachshund breed is not ideal for you. You’ll definitely find some accidents around the house and in unwanted areas. 

Potty training a dachshund is even more difficult in areas with cold weather. They do not like going to the toilet when it’s cold. So if you take them outside and they don’t “go”, there is every likelihood they will once they are back in the warmer environment of your nice clean home. 

Patience here is key. You have to take the time to discipline your dog, but first-time owners may find this incredibly frustrating. Experts recommend that people have experience in dog training before going for the dachshund breed. 

They’re also prone to separation anxiety and will have a nervous widdle if you leave the house. This level of loyalty may be appealing to some people, but it’s not fair to leave them on their own for long periods of time like a full workday.

They Are Yappers

Dachshunds were bred as hunting dogs. They were therefore bred to bark and bark until their hunter owners could find them and retrieve whatever they were hunting. Training a dachshund not to bark is incredibly difficult, and again, will take up a lot of your time. 

Some people enjoy this aspect of their dachshunds as they make for really good guard dogs. If, however, you are used to quiet Saturday mornings and general peace and tranquility, getting a dachshund for your first dog will be a massive change to your lifestyle. 

They are also therefore not ideal for people who have homes surrounded by many neighbors. You’ll definitely get a complaint or two if training your dachshund not to bark is lower on your priority list. 

They Are Incredibly Intelligent

This may seem like a good thing, right? Intelligent dogs are great, but if you’re a first-time dog-owner, a dachshund may actually end up training you. 

They are, by nature, quite manipulative. It comes from being cute and knowing they’re cute. Owners need to be pro at doggy discipline to get the most out of owning a dachshund without them basically taking over your life. 

If dachshunds feel like they are not getting enough attention from you, they’ll make sure they get it one way or another. They are experts at the irresistible puppy face but also incredibly stubborn. If they don’t want to do something, they will stand their ground. 

snuggly dachshund

When You Can Look At Getting A Dachshund?

If you’re someone who works from home and has a lot of time in the day to dedicate to training a dachshund, then you will get a lot out of owning this loyal, loving breed. Dachshunds ideally need to be around someone all the time.

They do well with having a single person to obey and do best when someone is around. We cannot stress enough how important it is to take the time to train a dachshund to prevent them from completely taking over. 

If you are someone who is not really precious about your furniture, and you’re willing to let your floors get a bit messy then you’ll probably do just fine owning a dachshund. Patience is key and you will be rewarded with a very affectionate, loving pet. They’re all about the snuggles! 

Are Dachshunds The Best Dog For You?

As a first-time owner, you’ll want to avoid dachshunds and look at other breeds that are not as difficult to train. Like anything, practice makes perfect, and you’ll need some experience in having dogs before you get one of these cute little sausage dogs. 

You will also need to be at home a lot so if you are career-driven, lead a busy lifestyle, and spend a lot of time out of the house, dachshunds are not the best breed for you.

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