Can A Dachshund Be An Outside Dog? A Few Things To Note

Are you a proud parent to your Dachshund and obsessed with its energy while you explore its traits? What are the best temperatures for a Dachshund? Well, let me tell you one thing; every Dachshund mommy thinks of that at some point while raising her pooch. We have gone over this topic at length to find out if a Dachshund can be an outside dog.

The answer is no. I’m afraid. We have our reasons, and you will second those. Firstly, a Dachshund does not have the physical adaptations to be comfortable in extreme weather conditions outside the house like a Husky would. It does not have the fur to insulate its body.

Secondly, these dogs have a hyperactive nature, making them very hard to chase once they are outside your home. The pooches are suckers for freedom. 

While we put that here, if you are looking for all the right reasons why these dogs are not suitable for the outside environment, this blog will serve you right. 

can a dachshund be an outside dog

Why Dachshunds Don’t Make Good Outside Dogs:

The Dachshund is known for its energy and love for freedom which makes it a challenging dog to tame—and keeping it on a leash outside in a vast area? Not a good idea. Here is why.

They Are Loud

The Dachshund is a very social and active breed as far as dogs go. They would even talk to the air around themselves, making them vocal and loud barkers, howlers, and any other noise a little dog can make! 

Their loud noises are not appreciated in a peaceful neighborhood and can cause discomfort to everyone living around your house. We live in fear of constant complaints from neighbors if our Dachshund is left outside for too long!

They Are Attention Seekers

Dachshunds are drama queens and have a hunger to attract attention and socialize with almost everything. Hence, they feel lonely when put outside the house. They feel sad and lonely outside the house because they can not interact with their humans. 

They Are Like Harry Houdini – Escapologists!

Everyone who has had a Dachshund as their pet knows that running all over the place and looking to escape is one of their favorite pastimes. You know that all too well about your Dachshund. 

Their jumpy nature and burrowing love make them the earthy dog breed that loves to explore around. They are looking for a chance to dig and get to it right away as an opportunity arises. They can also ruin your garden outside and even worse, other people’s gardens if they escape into them. 

They are known for their ‘paw power,’ making them super fast in digging and running away. They were bred as burrowing hunters after all!

No Fur

This is one of the most important aspects of why you shouldn’t keep your Dachshund outside for too long. Dachshunds do not have fur, which straightaway means no insulation. Their lack of insulation makes it impossible to withstand the outdoor temperatures. Your lovely Dachshunds can succumb to harsh and cold weather conditions without the fur. It is actually really dangerous to leave them out too long in the cold. You should consider a coat for them for those winter walks.

You don’t want your Dachshund to be too uncomfortable or get unwell due to the cold.

It’s Dangerous 

Not only are fleeing Dachshunds a danger to others but also to themselves. They are little explorers and love poking their nose around where it doesn’t necessarily belong. They can easily fall down a ditch or hole and really struggle to get out. Therefore, it would be safe to keep them inside rather than outside. 

Scent Hounds

The Dachshunds are scent hound dogs which means they are attracted to fragrances easily. They start to bark hysterically at these fragrances at times and hunt things down too. They are used to track items through this ability.  This makes them always want to follow the scent and run off. Not good for us Dachshund owner’s blood pressure!

Not Friendly To Strangers

The Dachshunds are loving to their family but can be a curse for the strangers. They are hysterical barkers to strangers and not everyone loves dogs quite like ourselves and know they mean no harm. They just feel the need to bark a lot and loudly to make up for their small size.

Catch Cold Easily

Dachshunds are known for their intolerance towards cold weather. They love the sun and do not like gloomy and chilly weather at all. Therefore, they need to be covered and provided warmth in cold weather as their own body has a thin coat and no fur.

Dachshunds can not be outside dogs by any means. However, there is still a chance that a Dachshund varies from one family to another. You can check on yours and act accordingly.

When Can A Dachshund Be An Outside Dog? – Things To Consider

Since you are aware of a Dachshund’s nature now, you must be wondering about the limitations and loopholes to take a Dachshund outside. 

Favorable Temperature & Weather

Your little pooch can not live outside, but spending a few hours outside when it is warm out is good for them. They can easily withstand hot temperatures as long as they aren’t exercising too heavily and have access to shade and water. Ideally, they are better in the sun either in the early morning or later in the evening, not the harsh sun at noon, as they are prone to heat strokes.

Availability Of Basic Needs

However, you need to be at a place where he has good water access, shelter, and shade. Your little buddy needs to have fun and explore the outer world. Also, keep in mind their digging habits and take them to places where it is entertained or where you can see them and stop them ruining the local park or grass verge!. 

The Sun

The Dachshunds love the sun more than the cold. They are fond of absorbing the sun for vitamin D and serotonin from the windows inside and like it outside. They love the feel of the sun on their skin. They are real sun worshippers!

However, your hyper little pooch can not withstand the heat for too long and can get sunstroke too. So make sure you keep them in the sun for short periods at a time before giving them some shade to cool off in.

When Clothed

If you wish to take your Dachshund for a bit of walk and feel the air around you chilly, you need to cover him in clothes. Not only does your little pooch look cute in the clothes (coats, sweaters, and hats), but it also protects his thin coated body from catching a cold.


As you now know, Dachshunds don’t make great outside dogs. Their coats are too thin and the little sun worshippers don’t like winter at all. So exercise caution when taking them out in the cold and also when taking them out when it’s too hot. They struggle to keep warm and keep cool!


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