Can Dachshunds Be Service Dogs?

The idea of a dachshund as a service dog may sound strange to you. They aren’t what most of us picture when we hear the term, and they may seem an unlikely option overall. However, you might still be wondering whether it’s possible to train a dachshund as a service dog.

Yes, dachshunds can be service dogs. However, they are not particularly common, and they will need a lot of training. Dachshunds tend to be intelligent dogs, but they can also be very stubborn and independent. They can make great service dogs, but they aren’t naturally inclined this way on the whole.

can dachshunds be service dogs

Why Are Dachshunds Hard to Train?

Dachshunds were bred as hunting dogs. They have a strong prey drive and they love to chase anything small (and sometimes anything big) that moves at speed. They are often quite easily distracted because of this, and this can make training a challenge because the dog is not truly focused.

When you’re training a dachshund, you’ll need to make sure that their focus is actually on you, not on the surroundings. A dachshund that is watching the ground, looking for sticks, examining bugs, or sniffing out rodents is not going to be learning the steps and cues that you wish to teach it.

This goes for all kinds of training, but service dog training can be complicated and intense. It requires a close working bond between person and dog. You may have this kind of bond with your dachshund, so it can certainly be done, but be aware that it may be challenging!

Can I Have A Dachshund As A Service Dog?

Yes, you can. Dachshunds are certainly intelligent enough to be service dogs, so if you would like one, it is possible. You don’t have to choose from the more standard breeds of a service dog if you have your heart set on a dachshund.

What Can’t Dachshunds Do As Service Dogs?

Of course, there are some limits on the services that dachshunds can provide, and these need to be taken into account when you are thinking about training one.

Any tasks that are physically demanding are likely to be impossible for dachshunds. If, for example, you need a dog that can help you get up or one that can jump up to activate buttons, fetch things, etc., then a dachshund is not the right option for you and you’ll have to consider a larger breed.

However, dachshunds are fine for providing some physical assistance and have no limitations when it comes to mental support. They can be perfect companion dogs, and there are situations in which their small size may prove an asset, especially if you need to carry them occasionally.

As long as you have considered any physical limitations that a dachshund may not be able to meet, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have one as a service dog.


What Can Dachshunds Do As Service Dogs?

Many people find that dachshunds make excellent emotional support dogs. They are intelligent and loyal and can be very comforting companions. You may find that having one nearby helps you to deal with panic attacks, anxiety, trauma, and other emotional issues.

Dachshunds also make good medical dogs as long as the physical demands are minimal. Some people use dachshunds to detect allergies or to alert them of an impending seizure. With the proper training, dachshunds are very good at this, and their small size means you are more likely to be able to take them out and about with you easily.

How Do I Get A Dachshund As A Service Dog?

You may be able to get a dachshund that has already been trained as a service dog. They are not common, but they are out there, so do some research and look into the different options local to you. It’s important not to rush this decision, as you’re looking at a companion – and medical aid – that will be with you for years.

If there are no suitable service dog dachshunds near you, you have two choices. You can either pay someone to train a dachshund for you, or you can train one yourself if you have the knowledge to train a service dog.

However, it is very important to think carefully before you choose the latter of these options. Even if you have some experience with training service dogs, you should remember that dachshunds are notoriously difficult to train at times. Don’t count your past experience too heavily; you may have quite a challenge on your hands!


Dachshunds can be service dogs, yes. You need to ensure that they are well trained and that they are capable of doing everything you need before you take one on, but they make good service dogs. Training them is not easy, however, so you should bear this in mind if you plan to do any yourself!

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