Can You Train A Dachshund Not To Bark?

Some Dachshunds sure love to bark. Whether it’s the postman coming down the street, a mischief-loving squirrel making faces in the window, or even a door-knock on the TV… well, let’s just say that you’re going to know about it. So, can you train a Dachshund NOT to bark?

Yes, you can. While your Dachshund will still bark sometimes, if you teach them a command so that they understand when you want them to be quiet, then they will learn this. You can also take it further by teaching them when you WANT them to bark.

Today we’ll talk about why Dachshunds tend to be so barky and we’ll also tell you how to teach your dog the ‘shush’ and ‘speak’ command. so that when your Doxie gets vocal then you’ll have a strategy in place to deal with it.

can you train a dachshund not to bark

Why Do Dachshunds Bark So Much, Anyways?

It’s all in the name. The name ‘Dachshund’ is a German word that means ‘badger dog’, because these cute little guys were bred with the purpose of hunting badgers. While people tend to think that ‘wiener dogs’ are just bred to be cute, those long and narrow bodies are designed to let these dogs get into barrows to bring out their prey.

Hunting dogs bark and ages of domestication haven’t removed this trait from Dachshunds. Furthermore, Dachshunds are territorial like other hunting dogs and so if there’s a trespasser then they are going to inform you. Sometimes, your fierce little hunting dog will even bark just because they are happy to see you.

These little guys are vocal but don’t worry, you’ve just got to be patient and strategize.

First, Teach Your Dachshund To Bark On Command

One of the most endearing things about dogs is that they will almost always try to please you – provided that they understand you. With this in mind, you need to teach your Dachshund a command so that he or she understands when you WANT them to bark.

Here are some steps that you can use to teach your Dachshund the ‘Speak!’ command:

  • Call your Doxie by name while standing in front of the front door. When you’ve got their attention, start knocking on the door.
  • When your dog commences to barking, say loudly and clearly (but in a friendly voice) ‘Speak!’. Give your dog a treat at this time and reward them with petting to calm them down.
  • Repeat the process a few times but try not to spend longer than 10 – 15 minutes per training session, so that you’ve got your dog’s full attention.
  • After a couple of days of random training sessions, try saying ‘Speak!’ to see if your dog barks.. have a treat ready just in case, because if they bark you want to reinforce this with a treat immediately.

Be patient with the process, as every Doxie is different, but with a little patience and yummy treats to reinforce the lesson your Dachshund will pick up this command and we’ll be ready for the next step.

Next, Teach Your Dachshund The ‘Shush!’ Command

So, now we’ve taken that natural barking and added a condition to it, so your Dachshund now knows there are times when you want them to bark. Now, we need to teach them that there are times when you want them to be quiet. Here is how you teach the ‘Shush!’ command:

  • Put some treats in your pocket and give your Doxie the ‘speak’ command so that they will start barking.
  • While your dog is barking, whip out a treat and this should catch the dog’s attention immediately. Say ‘Shush!’ to them in a firm-but-friendly tone and if your dog is still barking, say it again a time or two so that you know that they have heard it.
  • Your Dachshund may look confused for a moment but they will get quiet when the barking doesn’t get them the treat. When they quiet down, give your dog the treat and some petting and praising is in order.
  • Repeat the process, but after you say ‘Shush!’ and your dog gets quiet, give it a few moments before you give the treat so that your dog not only gets quiet quickly, but to teach them to stay quiet for longer.

After you’ve taught the basics of this to your Dachshund, try to use the command as much as possible for the next couple of weeks so that your dog gets used to it and the lesson finally sticks.

Some Final Words On Overly-Vocal Doxies

Dachshunds are naturally vocal but they also love you very much, so if you teach them what you want then they are going to try to give it to you. With that in mind, keep your patience close and your pocket full of treats.

With a little persistence and a lot of love and repetition, your dog will learn the ‘Speak!’ and ‘Shush!’ commands and you’ll get their barking down to a more manageable level. Mind you, It won’t happen overnight, but when it DOES happen then you’re really going to notice the difference!

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