The Ultimate Guide to Dachshund Pricing – How Much Do Dachshunds Cost?

Dachshunds are a long-standing favorite among pet lovers. The price of dachshunds depends on several factors, including pedigree, family tree, where you live in the world, and whether or not they come from a reputable breeder. This article will explore all these topics to help you understand more about pricing for dachshund puppies!

How Much Do Dachshunds Cost?

The cost of a Dachshund varies by breeder and when you buy. The hot demand for these long-bodied, short-legged pups is such that it is nearly impossible to find two breeders who charge the same price for their puppies. As a result, the doxie ranks as the 13th most popular dog in America.

Average Dachshund Prices

Dachshunds are a well-loved dog in America and worldwide, with a growing number of AKC registered puppies purchased each year. Although price can vary greatly, let us dive into the average cost. Dachshunds listed by reputable breeders on the AKC marketplace usually sell for an average price of $1,500. The purchase price can range from $200 to upwards of $3,500, depending on factors like lineage and location. If you are on a budget and open to adoption, you can rescue a dachshund from a local animal shelter. In most cases, animal shelters only charge a few hundred dollars to recoup their funds.

how much do dachshunds cost

Why Do Some Dachshunds Cost More?

As you now know, the prices of a Dachshund can range quite a bit, and the best way to find out why is by looking at four factors. The first factor you should consider when buying a new puppy is where the dachshund lives. The second factor to investigate is the reputation of the breeder you are considering. The third factor is dachshund coat, color, and gender. The final thing to consider would be whether you want an AKC-registered dog with a winning lineage. These four factors will determine how much money you will pay for a dachshund. Let us take a deeper dive into these factors, so you are prepared and knowledgeable when choosing your next fur baby or show dog.


Dachshund prices vary by state and city. Therefore, it is best practice to shop around, as some breeders will charge you a few hundred dollars more just because of where they live. However, if you have the time to take a road trip to another city or state, you could save hundreds of dollars. Additionally, some websites allow people anywhere in the country to purchase pet dachshunds from other places without ever leaving the house!

Dachshund Breeder Reputation

There are a few crucial things to review when choosing a dachshund breeder. The reputation of the breeders can mean everything in this industry, and there are many different ways that reputable ones stand apart from those who are not worth your time. For example, genuine professionals will focus on breeding healthy dogs with good temperaments rather than rare colors or physical attributes that may be more valuable to some people.

If you are willing to pay the premium, then finding a reputable breeder for doxies is easy. When it comes to an animal like this with such specific needs and care requirements, choosing the right one can make all of the difference in your dog’s life. When looking into breeders, be sure they are certified by organizations like The American Kennel Club with their Breeder of Merit Program, which honors responsible, ethical breeders who go above and beyond.

Dachshund Coat, Color, and Gender

The coat and color of a Dachshund will affect the purchase price tremendously. Many people think this is unfair, but it is an unfortunate reality in our society today. Supply and demand dictate who gets what product at which cost. All things being equal, dachshunds with brighter coloring may get more attention from potential buyers. Unique shades can lead to higher prices as these doxies tend to sell quickly. Rare and beautiful eye colors are also in high demand by buyers. Similar to the majority of dog breeds, female dachshunds are generally more expensive than males.

Dachshund Pedigree

A dachshund’s genealogy refers to its lineage with specific details such as names and dates when possible. All responsible breeders should have documentation available upon request.

Dachshunds are known for being skilled in agility, showmanship, and herding. When looking at a dachshund’s pedigree, you may notice the letter “CH,” which stands for a champion. “CH” means an ancestor competed and won in an official kennel association competition! Generally, breeders will charge more for doxies with these highly sought-after skills.

It is essential to remember that any breeder can register their dachshund. This does not necessarily mean the dachshund is healthy. For example, dachshunds are prone to hip dysplasia, one of the most common conditions for dogs. Dogs can have an excellent, good, or fair status on their pedigree. Depending on their health condition, there will be different levels of health risk. The pedigree can also give insight into eye problems such as glaucoma and cataracts or elbow issues.

Now that you are an expert on the various factors that could drive up costs, let’s look at the prices for different types of dachshunds.

Price Differences Between Types of Dachshunds

There are three main types of dachshunds: smooth-haired, long-haired, and wire-haired. The wire-haired tends to cost more, with prices ranging from $1575 to $5000. The long-haired type will usually sell for between $900 and $2000. The smooth-coated dogs are priced anywhere from $700-$1300, depending on whether or not they have champion bloodlines in them.


The average cost of a dachshund is $1,500. However, like anything else in life, you get what you pay for, and not all dachshunds are created equal. A reputable breeder will often charge more because they spend significant time with the litter during their development to nurture healthy puppies with a good temperament or larger than average size. If your goal is to purchase a premium dog, consider looking into AKC registered dogs and those from breeders who specialize in show-quality dogs rather than just pet-quality ones. You may find it difficult to find these breeds at pet stores, but you can locate them quickly and efficiently by doing research online. Use our ultimate dachshund guide to find the perfect puppy for your family!

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