How Much Does A Dachshund Cost In The U.K

If you’re thinking of getting a dachshund, price is probably a big factor to consider, and one of the most obvious things that you need to think about is how much the dachshund will cost. There are many other expenses too, but the price of the dog is likely to be the biggest upfront cost.

In the UK, dachshunds can cost between £700 and several thousand pounds. Be wary of dogs that cost very little or a lot, as this may be indicative of a disreputable breeder or something wrong with the dog. You should also be cautious of “rare color” adverts or buying from exclusively internet adverts. Always meet puppies and inspect the breeding situation before purchasing one including meeting the pup’s mum.

Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, puppy prices have temporarily soared to £2000+ for a Dapple Dachshund puppy but this isn’t normal and is not expected to continue.

how much does a dachshund cost in the uk

How Much Should I Pay For A Dachshund Puppy?

Usually, a dachshund puppy will be a minimum of £700. You should not expect to pay less than this, and lower costs should make you wary, as the animals may have health conditions or have been bred in less than ideal conditions.

You should also be wary of extortionate prices, as breeders may be looking to take advantage of buyers by trying to advertise their dogs as rare or unusual, often because of size or color. The runt of the litter may be sold as a special “teacup” dachshund, and this dog may have health issues due to being the runt.

Always insist on visiting and handling the puppies – and preferably all of the puppies – before you purchase one. This will give you some insight into the conditions in which the dogs are being bred and raised, as well as an idea about your favorite puppy’s littermates and possibly its parents.

You could also look at rehoming an adult dachshund from a rescue. This will massively reduce the cost, as well as giving an unloved dog a home and freeing up rescue space for others. You do still need to think about other setup costs and any ongoing costs, however, so make sure you have budgeted with care.

What Other Costs Are There?

There are quite a lot of costs when it comes to getting a new dog. You will need to think about a crate, bowls, food, toys, chew toys, a leash and harness, a brush, a bed, and many other things. You may want to invest in a playpen if you don’t plan to crate train your dog, and you might also want other things like dog shampoo.

These are the obvious costs, but they can add up fast, especially when you start looking at treats, toys, and training aids. It’s a good idea to create a budget list with plenty of leeway in case you find you need other things, such as puppy pads, extra towels, or to replace things your puppy chews.

You will also have to think about medical bills. Your puppy will need vaccinating for various diseases such as hepatitis, distemper, and parvovirus. This is just in the first year, and can cost between £40 and £70. You may also want to take out pet insurance, as surgery and care for dachshunds can range into the thousands. 

Your puppy should be microchipped by the breeder, so you don’t need to do that (this is a legal requirement).

It is sensible to budget around £200-£400 for the first year of medical expenses, although you may find it is less than that. Remember, however, that you will need to get your dog neutered if you don’t intend to breed it, and you will also have smaller expenses like checkups, flea and worm treatment, etc.

You should also budget for food as part of your ongoing expenses, and this could add up fast. Depending on the kind of food you buy, you are probably looking at somewhere between £35 and £55 each month. If you are feeding your beloved pooch high meat content dog food like Natures Menu Country Hunter it can cost more like £80 – £100 a month but it really is the best.

Other expenses may include baby gates if you need to block your dachshund from areas of the home, ramps so that they can easily access your furniture, and possibly payment for a dog walker, doggy daycare, and kennels when you travel. You might find that you need to pay a professional trainer to help you too, as dachshunds can be hard to train and very stubborn.

All in all, yearly costs will often be somewhere between £500 and £1400, depending on the food you buy, the training you need, how often your dog boards/goes to daycare, etc. The upfront cost of a dachshund may be high, but it is ongoing costs – particularly for medical bills – that you need to make sure you can meet before getting a new puppy.


Dachshunds cost somewhere around a thousand pounds if you buy them as puppies. Shelters may rehome them for much lower amounts, but if you buy from a breeder, be wary of prices below about £700, and always check a dog’s situation out carefully before buying.

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