What Can You Breed A Dachshund With?

Dachshunds, those ‘wiener dogs’ that we love so much, have quite a distinctive look already. Low, and stretched out, it’s impossible to mistake them for any other breed. That said, there are quite a few varieties of Dachshunds out there, as it turns out that mixing them with various other breeds has some interesting –and sometimes even a little peculiar – results.

Today we’ll talk about what happens when you breed a Dachshund with various other popular breeds out and some of the results (and mixes) may very well surprise you!  Let’s look at what you can breed a Dachshund with and what you can expect to get!

what can you breed a dachshund with

Chihuahuas + Dachshund

On their own, Dachshunds tend to be humble and sometimes not as assertive as other breeds, but then you have the ‘Chiweenie’. That’s right, you can mix a Dachshund with a Chihuahua and get a little result that has the foxy-ears of a chihuahua along with a little more overall length and a whole lot of attitude!

Depending on whether you go with a longhaired or shorthaired Chihuahua, you can end up with quite a few interesting Chiweenie variations and these affectionate little mixed doggies are sure to steal your heart!

Yorkshire Terrier + Dachshund

Known as ‘Doxie Yorkies’ by folks who are self-conscious about calling their dog a ‘Dorkie’, a mix of Yorkshire Terrier and a Dachshund gives you a cute little doggie that’s loyal, easy-going, and let’s face it… adorable.

These little guys don’t bark a lot but they are big on love and they do well with single owners and for families alike and we have to say, they’re a good-looking mix.

Poodle + Dachshund

Doxiepoos are cuteness overload is a super-petite package. These little guys and gals barely shed at all and their mild, easy-going temperaments make them much easier to housetrain than a standard Dachshund. While they aren’t as stretched-out as other Dachshund mixes, you can certainly see the difference, and the additional fluff factor makes these missed dogs cute as a button.

Miniature Pinscher + Dachshund

Mixing a Mini-pin with a Dachshund gets you a ‘Doxipin’ and it’s quite a solid mix. These dogs tend to be a little stockier than their parent breeds and their traits mix quite well, giving you the overall shape of the Dachshund with the Mini-pin color scheme we all know so well.

As far as temperament, these little doggies are quite loyal and sweet but they may be a little shy around strangers, so a little extra socialization at an early age is a good idea.

Golden Retriever + Dachshund

 A little Golden Retriever DNA in your Dachshund gets you a ‘Goldenshund’ and these little dogs are absolutely beautiful. With their big, golden heads and fuzzy, floppy ears, combined with that retriever coat, it’s impossible not to love them. They inherit more than the coat from their retriever parent, however, so Goldenshunds need a lot of exercise to keep them healthy and happy.

If you want a Dachshund that really loves to play then a Goldenshund might be a perfect fit for you and your family!

Papillon + Dachshund

The ‘Papshund’ is a mix of Dachshund and Papillon and they look almost like shaggy little foxes! They have a very friendly and outgoing temperament, being less shy than the Dachshund half of their parentage. That means that these little guys will be curious about your friends and won’t hesitate to solicit a friendly scratch or two once they’ve met them and decided that they like them!

Beagle + Dachshund

Known as a ‘Doxle’, you won’t notice as much difference in the body since both breeds are a bit lengthy, but you’ll definitely notice the face. They have the smaller heads of their Dachshund side and inherit some curiosity and overall energy from their Beagle side.

 If we had to describe this breed in a single word, then it would have to be ‘fun’, as this mix is sure to bring a small to even the most hardened face.

French Bulldogs + Dachshund

Super-friendly and playful, Frenshunds are quite the lookers and make excellent companions for single owners and families alike. These dogs are easier to socialize than a standard Dachshund but don’t let their easy-going nature fool you – they often inherit Dachshund stubbornness to go with it.

So, expect a family-friendly friend with the occasional stubborn mischief and you’ve got a good idea of what this handsome mix brings to the table.

Weimaraner + Dachshund

Soulful and stretchy, the ‘Daimaraner’ has a look that sticks with you after a single glance and people seeing your dog for the first time will definitely look twice. These attractive dogs are extra-friendly but they also keep the alertness of the Weimaraner, meaning no one will ever sneak up on you in their presence.

While Weimaraners tend to be clingy, Daimaraners are a little less so, meaning that they’ll be much better-behaved when their owner has to leave the house. They do have hunting instincts, however, and a lot of energy so they’ll need plenty of exercise and training to keep happy.

Pit Bull + Dachshund

Wait, what?! That’s right, we’ve saved one of the oddest combos for last. A ‘Doxbull’ is a mix with a Pit Bull and a Dachshund and it produced the boldest little wiener dog that you’re likely to ever see. 

Extra socialization training is a good idea with this unlikely mix, but it’s well worth your while. Despite their bad rep, Pit Bulls are boldly affectionate if they are well-socialized and Doxbulls are no different.

As long as you teach them early to get along with other dogs, this bold breed will push it’s way into your heart and it’s surely a fierce love for such a pint-sized package!

Some Closing Words On Dachshund Mixes

As you can see, Dachshunds come in many shapes, sizes, and temperaments and all of these mixes make for handsome, peculiar pooches. If you are considering a mixed Dachshund, just be sure to learn a little about both parents and to research how they mix in detail so that you can be prepared when you bring your ‘Doxie 2.0’ home!

Whatever mixed-breed you choose, you’re sure to get quite the character for your new best friend!

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