Can You Run With A Dachshund?

If you are here, you probably wonder if it’s safe to go running with your Dachshund. Since Dachshunds are delicate and prone to back problems, I understand where you are coming from.

In this article, I will touch on whether it’s safe for Dachshunds to run, explain the rate at which you can exercise your Dachshunds, tell you why they overheat quickly, and much more.

Is Running With Your Dachshund Okay?

I may not be a veterinarian, but I have had over ten years of experience breeding Dachshunds, and I have read several scientific papers and reports about them. From my experience, the answer is a “YES”, running with your Dachshund is fine if they are healthy.

As a matter of fact, Dachshunds are great runners and can cover long distances if they’re trained efficiently. Although Dachshunds are prone to back problems, there are several misconceptions as to what causes that. 

Since they’ve got an elongated spine, engaging them in high-impact activities like heavy jumps is risky. However, this does not mean that you can’t train them and have them run with you over long distances.

can you run with a dachshund

How Much Exercise Can A Dachshund Have?

The amount of exercise that a Dachshund can have depends on two things:

  • The age of the Dachshund
  • The level of training the Dachshund has

When running my Dachshunds, I observe certain things to ensure that they are ready to keep going. This means that you’ve got to be aware of how your doggie behaves to know whether or not you should keep running with it. 

Some of the critical things I observe include:

  1. Too many stops or excessive slowing down.
  2. A fast heart rate that does not slow down even when we take breaks
  3. A slow and shallow breathing
  4. Reddened gums which can indicate a possible heart stroke
  5. Limping, which can indicate a muscle injury

Therefore, if you notice any of these signs, I recommend stopping and observing the situation. It will also help if you seek veterinary assistance if the issue is beyond the scope of your understanding.

What Exercise Should I Do With My Dachshund?

Dachshunds are capable of a wide range of exercises. The most common ones are neighborhood walks and runs. However, some like swimming and hiking.

Note that you don’t have to do the full 30 or 60 minutes of exercise all at once. This can be divided into several play sessions and multiple walks or runs. This ensures that the Dachshund doesn’t get bored at certain times of the day and also means you don’t get your Dachshund too hot and tired in one go. Their legs are a lot shorter than ours!

As a reminder, allowing your puppy to go out to pee allows for a change of environment, but that doesn’t give the same level of exercise as a complete walk or run. A full exercise period is critical for Dachshund’s physical and mental health. The wider the variety of the types of activities that you engage in, the better. 

Do Dachshunds Overheat Easily?

Yeah, Dachshunds tend to overheat and get a stroke if they’re left outside for a long time.

From what I have observed the last couple of years, Dachshunds prefer to remain warmer. Therefore, you’ll always find them trying to sneak outside to get some little heat. However, it would help if you were very careful since they get overheated easily and could suffer a heat stroke.

It’s tough for Dachshunds to cool down since they cannot regulate their body temperature once they get hot. If they get tired, they’ll find a spot outside and take a nap, making the situation riskier.

Therefore, it’s essential that you keep watching your Dachshund. If you notice any signs of overheating, take them inside and allow them to cool off.

Can Dachshunds Exercise Too Much?

No. The amount and type of exercise that you should give your Dachshund should be medium. Too little Exercise may cause them to gain weight. On the other hand, exercising the pups too much may not be suitable for their physical development.

The level of Exercise that Dachshunds should have varies at different stages of its life, as shown below.

0 – 12 Months

The rule of thumb here is that Dachshunds should have an average of five minutes of exercise per day. I recommend doing this inside the house or in your backyard until the Dachshund is between four and six months old.

Later, you can start taking short walks. As much as you may want to go on long walks with your puppy, it’s essential that you start slowly. 

Although this may not seem tiresome, you should not underestimate the overall effect it may have on the doggie’s health. Enough rest will set the foundation for the growth of the Dachshund.

1 – 7 Years

The level of Exercise here depends on the type of Dachshund that you have. Standard Dachshunds may need an average of an hour of training per day. On the other hand, miniatures need at least half an hour of exercise per day.

Once the Dachshund is fully developed and the plates have locked, which takes place after around 12 months, you’ll have the freedom to exercise them more. At this stage, it’s no longer risky to overexercise them.

Therefore, you can take your dog for longer play sessions and walks. It’s, however, vital that you be mindful of their energy levels since they vary from one to another. Although they’re popular as a stubborn breed, they’ll show some signs when they can no longer keep going.

7+ Years

Doxies begin to slow down as they become older. It would help if you exercised them for an average of 30 minutes per day to keep their muscles strong. However, you should consider taking walks at a slower pace or take shorter walks.

How To Keep Your Dachshund Cool?

When my Dachshunds are out in warm weather, I use the following tips to regulate their body temperature:

  1. Hydration: I always keep cool water in their vicinity to ensure they’re hydrated even in intense heat. Although dogs don’t sweat, they lose significant amounts of water as they salivate when they pant in hot weather. 

I recommend that you keep several bowls scattered around the place. If you decide to go on a hike or long walk with your dog, carry enough water for them.

  1. Shade: I always allow my dog to rest in the shade after a walk or when I notice any signs of overheating. This is usually a place that’s 10 to 15 degrees cooler. It’s a good idea to get them inside for sufficient shade to cool off.
  2. Long breaks: As much as shade may be enough, I bring my dogs inside for long breaks so that they can relax well. They usually relax on couches, and within no time, their body temperature goes back to normal. Besides, I also have cooling beds which I can opt for in some cases.


Dachshunds are very capable of running, and they can exercise at different intensities depending on the level of development they’re in.

I recommend that you should be aware if your Dachshund has any health conditions or some back issues. If it’s healthy and fully developed (at least a year old), it should be capable of taking a few sprints or walks.

It’s critical to always consult with your veterinarian before taking your puppy for a walk to ensure that it’s healthy enough. Adios!


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