Do Dachshunds Have Hair or Fur?

Many people with dachshunds wonder whether they have hair or fur. However, did you know that dachshunds can have different types of coats? The additional coats confuse people since we often use “hair” and “fur” interchangeably.

Most don’t need much grooming, although some of these dogs can have a double coat, which requires more upkeep. In this article, I’ll explore the different types of coats that your dachshund could have. 

do dachshunds have hair or fur

Dog Hair Vs Dog Fur

Your dachshund could have either hair or fur, depending on their exact breed and coat type. Dogs’ hair and fur are very similar- they have the same protein, chemical makeup, and more. Although, the texture and density of the follicles are usually different.

Dog Hair

Hair in dogs tends to be thicker and longer than fur but not as dense. It usually has a lot of texture and requires more maintenance to avoid tangling. Additionally, dogs with hair tend to shed less often. Their hair never stops growing, however, so you’ll need to take them to the groomers. 

Dog Fur

On the other hand, fur only grows to a set length. After a certain point, the dog starts to shed and grows in new, healthy fur. While the fur is a lot shorter, it also tends to be a lot denser. Overall, if your dog has fur, its coat will likely be smooth, shiny, and short.

Types of Coats in Dachshunds

A short-haired dachshund’s coat consists of fur, although the longer hair varieties actually have hair. Whether your dog has hair or fur usually depends on whether they have a single or double coat. Dogs with an undercoat tend to have longer, wavier hair. On the other hand, single-coat dogs appear smooth.

These are the different types of coats that your dachshund could have:

Short Haired

The short-haired dachshund has a single coat, which sheds more often, but is convenient for pet parents to take care of. This coat consists of fur and not hair. These dogs have smooth fur and are what many people first think of when they hear “dachshund.” Their coat will never grow longer than a set length. 

Long Haired

Long-haired dachshunds usually have a double coat. The breed is a cross between the short-haired dachshunds and other dog breeds, such as the German Stoberhund. The long-haired dachshunds also have wavier hair, which requires more maintenance and grooming. 

Their double coat consists of a thick, fluffy undercoat, while the outer layer is much longer. This outer layer also consists of hair, not fur.

Finally, they shed more than the short-haired dachshund and can get tangles quickly in their coat. Because of this, you must run a brush through their fur at least once per day.

Wire Haired

Wire-haired dachshunds have a double coat as well. Their hair is a lot thicker- their undercoat is heavier, denser, and needs more grooming.

Their overcoat consists of fur, which will require more trimming to reduce the number of tangles your dog experiences. This unique fur texture came from crossbreeding the dachshund with the Schnauzer and other breeds about 200 years ago.

It’s worth noting that wire-haired dogs require “stripping” every year. This process removes trapped, dead fur from the overcoat. Your groomer plucks the lifeless strands so that a new, healthy coat can grow back in. 

In short, your dachshund can have either fur or hair, depending on the type of coat they have; if you’re not sure which of the three fur types your dog has, make sure to ask your groomer or your vet. You’ll want to know so that you can take care of their coat in the most effective ways.

Grooming for Dachshund Coats

Once you are familiar with the kind of coat your pup has, you can provide them with efficient grooming. All three coats have very different grooming needs

Short-haired dachshunds only need brushing each week, with a bath from time to time. However, long-haired dachshunds need daily brushing, frequent trims, and baths more often.

Finally, wire hair dogs require a special brush to reach into the thicker layers of their undercoat. You’ll also want to schedule appointments with a professional groomer to learn more about this dog’s coat- it requires more maintenance than the other types.

You’ll need to brush them daily and make sure to check their body for any hidden tangles. If left alone for too long, knots can become awful very quickly and cause health problems for your pet.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, there are three possibilities for your dachshund’s coat. Whether they have short, long, or a wired coat will determine whether they have hair or fur. For those who have a dog with a double coat, you’ll also want to make sure that you provide them with more frequent grooming.

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