How Long Do Dachshunds Stay In Heat?

If your female Dachshund is not spayed she will go through a regular reproductive cycle and go through a season or be in “heat” around 2 times a year.

This time can be overwhelming and confusing for dogs and owners alike so in this article we’ve outlined some of the need-to-know information to ensure your Dachshund is happy, healthy, and supported all year round!

First, we’ll start with exactly how long Dachshunds stay in heat for then move on to topics such as the age of sexual maturity, a reproductive cycle outline, some signs of heat, and how to care for your Dachshund whiles she is in heat.

how long do dachshunds stay in heat

How Long Do Dachshunds Stay In Heat

When a Dachshund comes into the “heat” part of her cycle it means she is ready and able to breed. She will be happily accepting to a male for impregnation.

Whether you are looking to breed her for puppies or just keep her comfortable during this time you should know just how long she will stay in heat.

A Dachshunds season will last between 21 – 28 days.  She will be fertile for approximately 9 days of this timeframe. This season is started when she first starts bleeding to when she is no longer interested in males.

What Age Do Dachshunds Become Sexually Mature?

Dachshunds will sexually mature between 6 -12 months, although it may be up to 18 months before a female Dachshund matured and goes through her first season.

A young Dachshund will sexually mature between 6 – 12 months.

In homes that have older females who are still intact (i.e have not been spayed) then the hormones of this older female can stimulate younger Dachshunds to come into heat earlier.

The Reproductive Cycle Of A Dachshund

To know when your female Dachshund may come on heat, how long it will last, and how best to care for her you first should grasp the understanding of her reproductive cycle, it’s much different than ours!

Check out the 4 key stages below:

  • Proestrus – this stage begins when vaginal bleeding occurs. This stage will be her body preparing for mating. She won’t be interested in males just yet but isn’t far away. Lasts between 3 – 17 days (average is nine days)
  • Estrus – this is the stage of reproduction where a female will be receptive to a male. She will no longer bleed but will have discharge. She will try to attract males attention and will be receptive to breed. Lasts for approx. 9 days.
  • Dioestrus – this stage is where a females body will start to go back to normal. She will stop being interested in males. They may still try sniffing around her, attracted to lingering hormones, but she will not be receptive. This stage is also the pregnancy stage if she was impregnated. This stage lasts for 2 months.
  • Anestrus – this stage is basically the resting, normal time. It will last 6 – 10 months before your Dachshund comes into season again.

Signs Of Heat In Dachshunds

It’s super important you know the signs of your Dachshund coming into heat. If you don’t recognize it and carry on as normal you may run the risk of getting her impregnated to any dog that comes across her – which may cause some serious issues!

Here are some signs that will help you identify if your Dachshund is coming onto heat:

  • Bloody discharge – discharge from the vagina is the first noticeable sign of heat. Your Dachshund will be licking herself constantly to keep it clean. You may notice blood pooling on her vulva or a spot of blood on her bed when she gets up.
  • Swollen vulva – vulva is the area aroung your Dachshund vagina. She may not like you lifting her tail to have a look, you can best see if she lays on her back for a belly rub. The vulva will be noticeably larger than usual.
  • Increased urinating – your Dachshund will pee a lot in many areas of the yard. Not because her bladder is full but because her urine is full of hormones and will let dogs know she is in season and females to stay away. You may witness other dogs becoming obsessed with smelling her urine – it has lots of messages in it!
  • Change in appetite – Dachshunds will have a rollercoaster of hormones while experiencing seasonal changes. This may mean she eats less or eats a lot more!
  • Behaviour change – these hormones will also change the way that she acts. She may be more grumpy, anxious or needy around the home. She may also become aggressive to other female dogs as they will be viewed as competition.

Caring For A Dachshund In Heat

When your Dachshund is in heat she will suddenly become irresistible in males who haven’t been neutered and they will do anything to get to her. Restrict her exercise to your yard and do not take her for walks where she may encounter male dogs – they may become aggressive trying to get to her.

Do not leave her unattended in the yard as male dogs may try to jump or dig their way into your yard, or she may try to escape to find a male to rendevous with!

Keep her away from any intact males, even if she has already mated as she can mate with multiple dogs and results in a litter of pups of a mixture of dog dad and breeds.

Some owners like to use “doggy diapers” to protect their furnishings from vulva bleeding but this can restrict your dog from being able to clean herself, heightening the risk of a bacterial or fungal infection.

It’s best to put down old blankets and sheets for her, ones you don’t mind getting stained. But if you do opt for a diaper, ensure you let her clean herself thoroughly between changes.

A Dachshund in heat is going through a lot of changes, frustrations, and emotions, make sure you give her lots of love, attention, and treats to help her stay relaxed and happy!

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