How Long Do Dachshunds Stay Pregnant?

If your dachshund is pregnant, you might be wondering what you should expect. Soon, you’ll be dealing with a pile of wriggling, adorable little puppies, but what about the interim period? How long do dachshunds stay pregnant, and what should you do while your dog is pregnant?

Pregnancy in dachshunds usually lasts between sixty and sixty-five days. However, puppies can be born as early as fifty-three days, or even as late as seventy-one days. If you’ve never had a pregnant dog before, chat to your vet about what to expect in terms of early or late delivery.

how long do dachshunds stay pregnant

Breed Dachshunds With Care

If your dog is not already pregnant but you are thinking about trying to breed her, spend some time doing research first. Dachshunds are prone to many hereditary health issues, and if your dachshund has any of these conditions, you’ll need to be careful not to allow your dog to pass these on.

You should wait until your dachshund is at least a year old before you consider letting her breed. Although dachshunds can breed earlier than this, the pregnancies tend to be at higher risk and may be damaging to the dog. Be aware of when your female is in heat and don’t let her breed too early.

Talk to your vet about your dog’s age and health before deciding to breed her. Your vet will check for any hereditary conditions and make sure your dog is well enough to be mating and bearing young. It is very important to do this; don’t just assume it will be okay, or you risk both your dog and her babies. 

Vaccines should be updated prior to pregnancy, so talk to your vet about this too. They can’t be given once the dog is pregnant.

What Should I Expect From A Pregnant Dachshund?

If you have decided to proceed, you’ll want to know what signs to look out for in your dog. Usually, pregnancy is first evident just a few days after mating, as the dog’s nipples may enlarge and swell. 

You should talk to your vet and get confirmation of pregnancy because dogs can – like people – experience false pregnancies at times. A vet will be able to do a scan and confirm the pregnancy for you.

You probably won’t observe weight gain for a while, but you may see an increase in appetite as your dog starts to seek extra nutrients for her babies. Make sure you discuss a suitable diet with your vet and check your dog is getting everything she needs; this increases the chance of healthy puppies and a healthy mother.

You might be surprised by some of the similarities between a dachshund pregnancy and a human one. You may even see morning sickness in your dog, although you won’t always. Your dachshund will probably want to exercise less and may just want to rest, especially as the pregnancy progresses.

Weight gain should continue and become increasingly apparent as the puppies grow. Your dog will soon be visibly pregnant, and you are likely to see some vaginal discharge about a month into the pregnancy.

As the dog approaches the end of her pregnancy, you will probably notice her belly getting larger very quickly. It may surprise you how fast she can grow in the last week or so.

Don’t worry unduly if your dog doesn’t fall exactly in the estimated sixty to sixty-five days. However, if it is her first pregnancy (and your first time as an owner!), it’s a good idea to have a vet you can contact easily with any concerns. Chat to them about how your dog is doing and mention anything that is worrying you.

How Many Puppies Will My Dachshund Have?

This depends on the dog and the circumstances! In general, dachshunds tend to have about three or four puppies in a single litter, although they have been known to have as many as six.

In some rare cases, dachshunds may only produce two or even one single puppy. This is usually down to a medical reason or because the mother is very young. You should be prepared for this by your vet, who will also discuss how to socialize a single puppy and make sure they grow up with the right behavioral cues.

How Do I Know When The Puppies Come?

A pregnant dachshund should be checked on by a vet on a regular basis, often around once a week. This will let you know that everything is progressing normally and help to pick up any issues so they can be corrected.

Your vet will also be able to tell you how far along the puppies are and may be able to give you an estimate about when to expect them. Of course, there is no way of knowing for sure when the puppies will arrive, but some breeders have observed that the mother will eat very little in the hours up to giving birth.

The mother’s temperature will also go down a bit before she gives birth. Observe her closely and you may notice changes to her behavior. Talk to your vet and let them know you think the puppies are coming, so the vet can offer advice and be on standby if they are needed.

You should get everything ready for the puppies long before this stage. Make sure you have what you need before the earliest point at which they might arrive (usually around day fifty) to avoid last-minute panics or the realization that you have forgotten something important.

You will want to be with your dog when she gives birth, so consider taking some time off work when you think she’s getting close. Although you may not be needed, it is a good idea to be present, just in case – and you get the magic of seeing brand new puppies enter the world!


Dachshunds are usually pregnant for around sixty days or slightly more. Your dachshund may give birth sooner or may have a late pregnancy, but two months is around the average for a dachshund pregnancy.

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