What Age Can A Dachshund Get Pregnant?

There are many moments in our pets’ lives that we deem as memorable but none more so than when we realize they are carrying their own set of furry babies. 

So, when can a Dachshund get pregnant? They get their first season between 6 and 18 months but that doesn’t mean you should breed them straight away. It is important to wait until they are finished growing which is after about a year so that they don’t put too much strain on their small bodies.

With pregnancy being such a monumental time in your dog’s life, understanding your pet’s needs during this period is fundamental in ensuring they are as calm and as comfortable as possible. For smaller dogs, like dachshunds, both the lead-up and midst of pregnancy differs from other breeds therefore it’s great to know exactly what to expect if you have one of these playful pups in your care. From periods of heat to the number of puppies, here’s everything you need to know about your Dachshund’s pregnancy preparing you for those extra sets of furry paws running around your home. So

what age can a dachshund get pregnant

When Is My Dachshund In Season? 

For owners who chose not to spay their four-legged friends, it is vital to understand what to expect whilst your dog is in season. With both physical and hormonal changes occurring to your dog’s body, understanding when and how long your dog is in season can help eliminate any accidental pregnancies and keep your pooch safe and healthy during their times of heat. 

During your Dachshund’s development, they will encounter their first season between 6 months and 18months of age. If you choose to spay your pooch, this will eradicate any symptoms of heat and prevent pregnancy from ever occurring. Your dachshund will remain in heat for just under 1 month (28 days) and will have repeated cycles every 7-10 months if spraying doesn’t occur. 

Help During Heat

Whilst in heat, your furry friend will experience various hormonal and physical changes so it is important to make them feel as cozy and calm as possible. Your dachshund’s vulva will swell and bleed during the first few days of a season making them more attractive to interested males. You may notice your dog licking and paying more attention to this area during the time as she is becoming increasingly sensitive. It is only after 9 days will your pooch becoming ready to be fertilized so if you want to avoid any unwanted pregnancies, be sure to:

  • Keep males in the household away from the female
  • Keep garden gates locked from unwanted visitors
  • Keep her close and secure during walks and trips outside

If a successful mating occurs during this time, you may start to notice your dog’s body changing and them prepare their bodies and their surroundings for a few extra paws in the home. 

Spotting The Signs

Like all mammals in our amazing animal kingdom, pregnancy in our pooches can have significant changes in their bodies. Showing within the first 21 days of gestation, you will start to see her teats grow larger and pinker and even her fur starting to disappear. Although this may appear alarming, it is the normal stage in your pooch’s pregnancy so there really is no need to panic.

In just under a month, you may also notice your dog appearing to gain a little more weight than normal and appearing calmer in behavior. As we all know, weight gain is a common symptom of pregnancy as your dog is creating the ideal and loving home for the pups she is carrying. If you begin to notice these signs in your furry friend then a trip to the vets is a must who will confirm your pooch’s pregnancy with a simple scan. Once the vet confirms the buns in their oven then there’s nothing left but to create a cozy corner for your four-legged friend and shower them with love and care until the big day arrives.

What Is Whelping?

Whelping is the name given to the birthing process in our four-legged friends. Your dog will show signs of whelping around days 65 in their pregnancy but this can occur later as every dog is different. It is really effective that before your dog whelps to prepare an area of your home with a whelping box or large basket where she can comfortably birth her litter. Ensure the box is

  • Lined with absorbent and comfortable materials
  • Large enough for her to move and stretch in
  • High enough to stop tiny paws escaping but low enough for your pooch to step in and out of
  • In a quiet and secluded area of the home. 

Plenty Of Paws

Lasting between 61-65 days, your dog’s pregnancy is one of the fundamental times of their life and will certainly strengthen the bond between you and your four-legged friend. Maintaining your dog’s health and wellbeing is vital during the later stages of their pregnancy so ensure their food is highly nutritious and they are eating regularly (you may notice they are eating more than normal – this is completely normal and not an excuse for your dog to cheekily ask for an extra bowl of food).

Producing up to 6 puppies per litter, there will be an abundance of tiny paws around your home when the big day comes. Providing a warm, safe and comfortable environment for mum and her pups will ensure a healthy litter of furry friends and a great starting position for their growth and development in the future. No matter how many pups your dachshund is expecting, you are guaranteed to be busy on belief caring for those extra tiny paws scurrying around your home. 

Ask for Advice

When it comes to your dog’s health and wellbeing, your local veterinarian is on hand to give any advice and support during your dog’s pregnancy. From feeding to birthing, they are there to help to ensure your pooch and their pups are healthy and happy at every stage in their life. If there are any queries or concerns then asking your local vet can help ease any anxiety in how to best support your furry friend. As one of the most magical experiences in your dog’s life, there really is nothing more special than welcoming in those extra sets of fun and furry paws.

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