Why Do Dachshunds Shake?

Dachshunds are lovable little dogs with huge personalities so it is easy to worry about them for doing something that can be as small as shaking. Dachshunds can shake for a few different reasons which we will cover more in-depth later but they will normally be shaking in what we would describe as an emotional way. For example, they are excited or scared. They could also shake as a physical response to being cold or in pain. Obviously, the physical response is more serious and so you should keep an eye on your pooch for a bit if they begin to shake so you can determine why that might be.

Here are some of the reasons your Dachshund might be shaking:

  • They are excited
  • They are scared or nervous
  • They are cold
  • They are in pain
  • They are trying to manipulate you
why do dachshunds shake

Shaking Due To Emotions

Dachshunds have big personalities and that shows in the way they go about their day, from the way they let you know they are hungry to the way they show you they are excited. They can even shake when they are feeling particularly excited or scared. It’s not always a sign of a good thing so be mindful of why your little pup might be shaking like a leaf.

Shaking Because They Are Excited

My Miniature Dachshund, Polly, has been known to shake for a variety of reasons. When we are serving up her dinner and she is sitting down (doing as she is told for once!) next to us doing it, she occasionally will shake with anticipation and excitement at getting her breakfast or dinner. In typical Dachshund fashion, she will sit there and shake while we squeeze the food out of the packet and yap at us if we aren’t doing it quick enough!

They can also shake when they are excited due to having too much energy and just need a quick walk around the park. They shake to use up extra energy so a walk will stop them from needing to do this. It might also stop them from acting out indoors if you have a particularly mischievous Dachshund.

Shaking Because They Are Scared Or Nervous

Dachshunds have also been known to shake when they are scared or nervous. I haven’t personally seen this happen with Polly but she is very confident and always holds her own, even against her bigger friends like Labradors. This isn’t something to worry about but you should just try and make your Dachshund feel safe if you think they are shaking due to nerves. They will look to you to show them that everything is okay and they don’t need to worry. Not all dogs are confident around other dogs, especially larger ones so just make sure your little pooch feels safe and that you won’t let that huge (to them) German Shepherd too close to them.

To calm a nervous dog, just make sure they know you are there and stroke them calmly (don’t pick them up or anything), and don’t make a big fuss. Make sure you don’t reward the behavior with a treat though. If they are anxious at home or in someone else’s home, music has been known to be calming to all kinds of dogs, Dachshunds included.

cold dachshund

Shaking Because They Are Cold

Dachshunds are a small breed and they don’t tend to have much fur on their little bodies either. Long-haired Dachsunds fare better than short-haired but even they get cold fairly easily. If you are taking your Dachshund out and you see them shaking, you should consider a way to keep them warmer. Feeling their ears is a good way to tell if they are actually cold as a whole. If their ears feel cold to you then you should maybe get them a little fleece to help keep them warm on winter walks. You can even get little boots for them but a fleece or coat will do just fine 99% of the time. Also, keep them out of cold water on the winter walks as they really struggle to get warm again if they’re wet.

Shaking Because They Are In Pain

A shaking Dachshund could be a sign of an injury causing them pain somehow. This is only likely to be the case if the shaking is persistent and makes it difficult for them to go about normal Dachshund life. If the little one struggles to walk or stand properly, you should call a vet straightaway just to be safe. Shaking can be a sign of a variety of injuries like the dreaded IVDD (Intervertebral Disc Disease), poisoning, or kidney disease. You really should get them looked at if the shaking persists. 

Shaking Because They Are Manipulating You

Dachsunds are sneaky little manipulators as you probably know by now. I certainly do as Polly has worked out a way to get whatever she wants whenever she wants! Believe it or not, a Dachshund can be devious enough to work out that shaking can get you to feed them or cuddle them. Polly has tried to link shaking to getting dinner but we don’t fall for it so she stopped that a while ago. Just goes to show how smart this little-legged breed is.

Now you know why your long-bodied dog might be shaking. It could be for a number of reasons, most of them being nothing to worry about but if the shaking persists, do take the pooch to the vet just in case it is something more serious.

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